7 Tips To Help Organize Your Craft Supplies

As you dive deeper into the world of crafting, you will own many tools and materials. When you collect tools, you will need a place to store them. There are many ways to store your crafting supplies, whether you have a small or large space. Here are some tips to help make efficient use of your area for your crafting tools.

1) Invest in a Craft Storage Trolley

This item can hold everything from loose ribbons to fabric. It comes with a flat top, allowing it to be added to your main workstation. It can also be used as storage for cutting mats and other essentials. One of the large drawers can be emptied to keep projects safe between tasks.

2) If You Have Multiple Hobbies, Use Versatile Bins

Some furniture comes with special compartments for specific supplies. If your existing furniture has large drawers, you may be able to find special compartments at your local home improvement store. Another option is to make these special compartments yourself. By making them yourself, you will always have a perfect divider in your drawers. Being able to move your craft supplies around is an excellent benefit to your storage unit, as is having easy access to all your materials.

3) Make Good Use of Wall Space

When you think of storage, you may think of floor-mounted storage, but there are other options. It is also possible to hang equipment on the wall. Look for a storage rack that hangs on the wall. This way, all supplies, and materials can be hung above the workstation, eliminating the need to find a large cupboard. You can keep track of all your tools and have them within reach. The only drawback may be that if you are not tall enough, you may not be able to reach things.

4) Avoid Big Furniture

Regardless of what the main storage item is, a good set of bins is a practical way of organizing all your crafts. Whether you use racks, carts, or wall shelves, small bins can section off your materials and tools to keep everything well-organized. You can arrange materials by color, medium, or favorite.

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5) Use Stackable Holders

Stackable bins can hold any small crafting tools. If you are working with beads, buttons, or other small tasks, or if you don’t have a lot of space, a large craft organizer may not be the right choice. In that case, look for a storage unit with smaller drawers. The drawers may be cramped for larger pieces, but they can provide just the right amount of storage for crafters who want to make smaller pieces.

6) Invest in Storage That Can Be Used as Furniture

This may be a helpful tip if you are looking for new furniture for your craft room. When looking for a new desk, look for one with versatile storage options. Adding shelves or dividers to your desk can help you maximize your workspace.

7) Get a Cart With Casters

Just like crafts, there is no reason organizers have to be beautiful. A cart serves as a storage area where you can see all your materials at once. Frequently used materials can be stored together in the cart. If you like to paint, you can store all your brushes and paints in the cart. When you start a new painting project, simply roll the cart to your work area, and you will have all your supplies at your fingertips.

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Let us know if these few tips have helped you and share any other tips you have in the comments below!

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