5 Easy Homemade Deodorizer Ideas

Closet air fresheners are a perfect option to keep clothes smelling fresh. We all love to get a clean smell everywhere, especially inside. That’s why we’re bringing you these ideas for creating an easy and beautiful closet deodorizer that will make your clothes smell great all the time. No more bad smells! Eager in learning more? Read on!

Breathable Home Closet Air Freshener

There are items to absorb bad odors and in turn offer a natural and pleasant smell. This idea is easy and beautiful to make a homemade air freshener and decorate the inside of your closet. These are cotton bags or sachets with peppermint leaves, or you can also use plants such as lilacs, rosemary, pine or cedar twigs, or any other aromatic plant.

Here are the steps to follow to make these aromatic sachets: First, we need to have a fabric that we like and that is breathable, for example cotton. After that, we need to place the natural plants we like the most in the center of the fabric. Join the edges of the fabric creating the shape of a bag and place a ribbon around it to tie it with a bow. You can also sew the fabric and create other shapes with the chosen fabric. Do you like the idea?

Citrus Fruits and Cloves to Scent

Citrus fruits like orange or lemon give off an unmistakable aromatic scent, and so does the scent of cloves since it eliminates bad odors. Putting these two wonders together, we get a super quick and super easy home air freshener. We just need to stick different cloves in half a lemon or half an orange.

You will get freshness and cleanliness in your closet! We are sure you have these fruits at home.

Spray to Freshen up Clothes

You’ll love this homemade deodorizer since all you need is a spray bottle and essential oils of any scent (lavender, lemon, vanilla, coconut…) to mix with water. Let’s take advantage of the delicious scent of these oils and have it in our closet in a flash.

Simply pour water and the drops of essential oil into a bottle and mix vigorously for a while so that everything is perfectly combined. Afterwards, using a spray bottle, spray the mixture once or twice a week in your closet. It’s amazing! If you notice the smell has changed, you can throw the mixture away and make another one.

Homemade Deodorant with Fabric Softener and Gelatin

Okay, well, we’re going to complicate things a bit, but don’t worry, we are warning you that anyone can get this perfect decorative home deodorizer for the closet. With fabric softener, we can also create a very cool air freshener, and we will also need silicone molds and gelatin sheets.

The steps are simple: Heat the softener without boiling it. Meanwhile, hydrate the gelatin sheets in cold water. When it’s ready, mix and pour the mixture into the molds. Let it sit for 24 hours and you can use the bags. The great thing about this idea is that if they lose their smell, you can cut them into pieces and they will smell again.

Baking Soda Jars against Bad Smells

To finish the list, we will reuse the essential oils seen earlier but the combination will be different. With 1/2 cup of baking soda and between 6 and 12 drops of these oils, you will create a perfect mixture that manages to eliminate bad odors. We place it in a jar and, instead of covering it, we will protect the inside with tulle and a bow.  Innovative, right? Plus, we all have these ingredients at home.

There you are! With those easy little air freshener crafts, your home will always smell divine. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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