Mistakes To Avoid When Coloring Your Hair


Home coloring has revolutionized the hair world. With a little training and the right equipment, it has become particularly easy to change hair color. So simple that it has become a reflex for many women who no longer go to their hairdresser for this aggressive and drastic change. The risk? Finding yourself with an unsuitable hair care routine and damaged hair. But is it a good idea? Read this article and find out. We’ll give you the advice you need.

Do it yourself hair coloring


You need new treatments for your hair. But you know nothing about hair coloring. You need to rely on a professional hairdresser to know how to choose the right color for your hair. He or she will be able to advise you on the colors that best suit your skin tone and the appropriate type of appropriate care. But asking a professional for advice doesn’t mean he or she has the final say. It is up to you to make the decision.

Trusting the hairdresser too much

A hairdresser knows his or her business, and his or her opinion can carry a lot of weight. However, you should think twice before making a decision. Hair coloring can bring a new look to your hair, but without caution, it can damage it.

Choose a dark color

In general, dark colors make the features hard, and light colors brighten them. So be very careful, and if you are not sure about getting the right result, do nothing.

Opt for permanent color

Permanent hair color is double or nothing. If you make the slightest mistake, you can’t go back. We recommend testing temporary colors that can fade with shampooing before permanently changing your hair’s original color.

Choosing a home bleach

Bleaching your hair at home is a good idea, but there are risks of failure. Bleaching is risky if you want to lighten your color by more than two shades. You could damage your hair without even getting a uniform color.

Neglecting your skin and eye color


Theoretically, your natural color and your hair color should match and be in perfect harmony. The wrong color can lead to the wrong result. Usually, light skin tones go well with light colors, while dark skin tones go better with dark colors.

One color to catch another

You make a failed first attempt and try a second coat: this is a bad idea. If the result is acceptable, you can remedy it with lightening shampoos.

Color dry, damaged hair

If you find that your hair is in bad shape, you should definitely go to the hairdresser. This is because the fiber of dry hair is permeable, which causes chemical agents to penetrate it. Therefore, the hairdresser will help you remove split ends and damaged tips.

Not using the right styling products.

One mistake to avoid is applying the same products after coloring. Colored hair requires specific treatments. The alcohol in styling products causes the hair to dry out.

Unsuitable coloring

Our hair often gives us problems; we are never satisfied with what nature has given us. If you choose a color that is very different from your skin color, you will look bad.

Redoing the entire color


When you find that the roots are showing, you want to recolor your hair. This is a bad idea. This amount of dye can further damage your damaged hair. It will dry out even more.

When in doubt, it’s best to go to a professional. Unless you want to have the same look that doesn’t give you satisfaction, forget about doing your own hair coloring, it’s true that the price of a homemade product is very low compared to a salon, but if the result is a failure, you’ll have to spend even more money than you would have had to pay at a hairdresser. Hair coloring is not something to be taken lightly. Besides, the natural hairstyle is quite sufficient.

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