6 Things You Can Create Using Crates and Cardboard Boxes

DIY Cardboard Box

Decorating with wooden boxes and crates is a fun and easy way to create your own style. The boxes can be made of wood or cardboard. Both are very easy to obtain and can be chosen according to the purpose of use.

Cardboard boxes come in a variety of shapes, and most importantly, they are very versatile. In other words, they are useful for recycling. Besides, finding other uses for them can help reduce their impact on the environment.

On the other hand, wooden crates can be used to make things more sturdy. They can be used to carry more weight. However, it would be best to be careful when handling wooden crates as they may produce splinters.

1) Keep Your Desk Area Tidy

Pens, pencils, and markers are everywhere. To avoid this, you can make a nice organizer out of a cardboard box to store them.

Materials Needed:

-Cardboard box
-Empty toilet rolls

-Decorate the box as you wish.
-Glue the toilet paper roll to the inside of the box.
-Paint the inside of the roll.
-When the paint is dry, put a pen or pencil in the roller.

-Place the organizer on your desk.
-Use the smaller rolls for small items.
-Use the long rolls for rulers.
-Put different kinds of objects into groups.

You can be creative!

2) Box to Store Toilet Paper

One of the easiest ways to decorate your bathroom is to use boxes. Toilet paper rolls can eventually be placed in a box without a lid and put on a table or shelf in the bathroom.

Materials Needed
-Box that holds four rolls of toilet paper

-First, apply glue to one side of the box.
-Attach a string to the glue and cover the entire box with it
-Then let it dry.
-Put toilet paper rolls inside.

3) Tea Box

There are many types of tea available today, and keeping them all in the same box is not only a practical solution but also very attractive.

The best way to do this is to use a wooden box. This is because wood is more durable.

Materials Needed
-A small piece of wood to make a divider
-Wooden box or crate

-First, cut small pieces of wood with a small saw to create the partitions.
-Then glue them together and let them dry.
-Paint the wood with your favorite color.
-Finally, use lacquer to keep the wood in place.

 Tea Box — 3x3 Custom
Tea Box

4) Accessory Storage System

This is a fun and convenient way to store accessories that always end up in drawers. It is organized and easy to see at a glance.

Materials Needed
-Small and shallow box
-Wardrobe or wrapping paper
-Pieces of fabric

-Cover the box with decorative paper, inside and out.
-Roll the fabric and put them in the box
-Place rings in between the rolls of fabric, tightly next to each other
-The result is a beautiful box for organizing and storing accessories.

5) Storing Towels

Like toilet paper, towels can make your wardrobe look cluttered. It is best to roll them up and store them in a fabric-covered box. The lid can also be used to hold smaller towels or cloths.

6) Underwear Organizer

Searching for underwear in an unorganized drawer is a waste of time that could be used in other ways. Besides, a cluttered drawer is not aesthetically pleasing.

This is why we recommend that you make your own underwear organizer using cardboard boxes that can be placed inside the drawer.

Materials Needed
-Medium-sized cardboard box, like a shoebox
-Leftover cardboard
-Cloth to cover it
-Adhesive for cloth

-First, cover the entire box, inside and out, with the cloth.
-Then, cut out a piece of cardboard to make a compartment inside the box.
-Cut out the fabric to cover the walls of the compartments.
-Place the box inside the drawer and stuff the underwear inside it.

 DIY Tidy Plastic Grid Drawer Divider Container
Underwear Organizer

Do you have any other ideas about how we can recycle and reuse cardboard boxes? Share it with us in the comments below!

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