Creating Your Own Emergency Makeup Bag

Creating Your Own Emergency Makeup Bag

About 90 % of the time, women are able to apply makeup without any incident – the foundation does not look cakey, your face cooperates and your skin looks peachy. But then comes an emergency – your ex-boyfriend resurges, a sudden party, an unexpected meeting – and your entire makeup strategy is thrown off course.

However, you can stop this stress with an emergency makeup bag.

Choose The Right Bag

Choose The Right Bag

1.The Right Size

It is essential to get a cosmetic bag that is large enough to carry all of your products. You don’t want it to be too huge, though, because it won’t fit in your handbag, backpack, or another bag. Look for a cosmetic bag that is just big enough to accommodate all of your necessities.

It’s also a good idea to carefully evaluate the color of your cosmetic bag. A cosmetic bag might easily get misplaced within a big handbag or tote. Choose a color that will stand out against the interior of your bag, allowing you to discover it quickly when you need it. A vibrant hue like red, yellow, or magenta is a fantastic choice.

2.Make Sure Your Bag Has A Washable Lining

No matter how careful you are with your makeup, some of it will inevitably spill, leak, or discolor the interior of the bag. Choose a bag with a washable liner so that you can simply clean it if it becomes filthy.

Vinyl linings are often the simplest to clean. If you’re in a hurry, you can even wipe it down with a makeup wipe.

3. A Bag With Several Compartments

It’s easy to lose track of stuff in a crowded cosmetic bag. Choosing a bag with several compartments helps you to segregate your cosmetic items and find what you’re searching for faster. You might, for example, store lip items in one pocket and eye products in another.

If you can’t find a bag with sections, use bags within bags. Find a handful of tiny bags that will fit inside your bigger cosmetic bag to keep your goods separate.

Add Face And Lip Products

Add Face And Lip Products


1. Throw In A Concealer

A bottle of foundation would take up too much room in an emergency cosmetic kit, but a concealer should be included. It’s ideal for touch-ups throughout the day if your foundation begins to fade or for removing any makeup smudges beneath the eyes.

2.Add A Powder

It’s typical for your skin to become a little greasy over the day. Keeping powder in your emergency kit helps you to touch up your makeup and avoid looking overly glossy. If you have oily skin, use a pressed or loose powder.

3. Choose A Neutral Lipstick And A Clear Lip Balm

There’s no reason to have a bunch of lipsticks and glosses in your emergency kit. Include one neutral-colored lipstick that will complement other cosmetics in a variety of hues, as well as a clear lip balm for hydrating and adding shine as required.

Throw In Eye Products

Throw In Eye Products

1. A Mascara Is A Must

If you frequently go out after school or work, having mascara in your emergency makeup bag comes in useful.

2. Don’t Forget A Smoky Eyeshadow Duo Or Quad

Add a dark, dramatic eyeshadow duo or quad to a daily eye makeup look to transform it to an evening-out appearance. This will help you to create a smokey eye suitable for an evening out.

3. Always A Black Liner

Eyeliner is another cosmetic item that tends to fade over the day, so you may need to touch it up. A black eyeliner is the perfect choice for your emergency makeup kit since it goes with almost every eye makeup look.

Other Necessities

Other Necessities

1.A Makeup Bag Is Incomplete Without Makeup Brushes

While many beauty kits have applicators, they aren’t always perfect for accurate makeup application. Consider packing a small set of cosmetic brushes in your suitcase.

2. Consider Some Makeup Wipes Or Cotton Swabs

You may need to clear up your makeup if it runs or stains during the day. Include a tiny container of makeup removal wipes and cotton swabs to easily remove any smudges or stains.

What do you think is missing in this emergency makeup bag?


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