Easy DIY Gifts for Father’s Day (Part 2)

Easy DIY Gifts for Father’s Day (Part 2)

Not sure what to give your dad on Father’s Day? How about an accessory holder? A beer bouquet? Or, a tie rack? Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to make them.

DIY Mobile Phone Stand and Accessory Holder

DIY Mobile Phone Stand and Accessory HolderMaterials you’ll need for this gift:

  • A wood glue
  • A wood clamp
  • Three wooden dowel pieces (1 at 2.5 inches and 2 at 5 inches)
  • A piece of wood to be cut to the size of your choice (if it’s for the phone, you can try to opt for 1 inch bigger)
  • Another piece of the same wood (it should be cut 1/2 inch long and has the same width as the other piece of wood)
  • Drill
  • A small piece of wood that will be used to fit on the end of the small dowel piece – it should be either square or round (optional).

Instructions to make the DIY Mobile Phone Stand and Accessory Holder:

Step 1:

You can start by using the smaller piece of wood that was previously cut to mark where you want to drill the holes for the dowels. Then, proceed by marking the smaller piece with the bottom of the bigger piece using a pencil.

Step 2:

Now, take the same piece of wood along with the large one and line them up (on the long side) and use the pencil to mark the spot where the two lines cross. You can repeat the same process for the other side.

Step 3:

Attach the smaller part to the front of the bigger one, leaving a 1/8-inch gap from the bottom of the larger part. This will allow you to drill through the bigger component while also drilling into the smaller piece.

Step 4:

Next, using the drill, make a hole at around a 15-degree angle to make sure the drill bit enters and fits in the center of the small piece of wood that is clamped in place.

Step 5:

You don’t have to excavate all the way through the smaller piece; simply mark it with the drill bit so you know where to continue drilling the holes.

Step 6:

Using the marks you made with the drill bit as a guide, drill all the holes in the small piece of wood. But, remember to drill only about halfway through the component.

Step 7:

Put the dowels into the larger piece, leaving approximately a half-inch gap between them. Then, dry fit the smaller piece onto the ends of the dowels. Because they were drilled at the same time, the parts should line up.

Step 8:

Once the fitting task is done, get ready to assemble all the pieces together using the glue. So, here are the instructions for assembling the accessory:

  • Drill a 3/4-inch hole 3/4-inch down from the top and on the rear of the big piece. This hole should be bored at around 25 degrees; you may use the mobile phone stand to determine what angle you need to hold a watch. And, then stick the dowel into the hole.

Step 9:

This is completely optional, but if you want, you can add something like a small piece of wood (square-sized) to the end of the short dowel.

Step 10:

The last phase includes a short sanding to smooth down any rough places.

DIY Beer Bouquet

DIY Beer BouquetInstructions to make the DIY Beer Bouquet:

Step 1:

You begin by drawing or tracing and then cutting out paper roses and leaves – make sure you are using green and red cardstock.

Step 2:

Now, roll the rose paper on the top of the beer bottle and for that, you’d need some pieces of double-sided tape. You can proceed by adding the green leaves to the side of the bottles.

Step 3:

Turn a plain and simple beer pack holder into a nice gift box by covering it with some decorative wrapping paper. And, there, your beer bouquet is ready!



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