The ABCs of Sewing on a Machine

The ABCs of Sewing on a Machine

The ABCs of Sewing on a Machine


    – Sewing on a machine: the ABCs

    – Machine sewing: the good habits of the seamstress

    – How to sew straight on a machine: some tips

    – Machine sewing: read the instructions

Sewing on a machine: how to use your sewing machine?

You have a sewing machine, but you haven’t used it, or not much.

Here are a few tips to keep sewing from becoming an ordeal.

Sewing on a machine: the ABCs

The equipment and the working position are two essential elements of a good job.

Adopt the correct position for machine sewing

Those who have spent several hours behind their sewing machine can testify to this: a good position is essential if you want to preserve your eyes and your back!

It would help if you, therefore, adopt the proper position from the start:

    – sit at the right height: special chairs are available, but you can also raise your seat with a cushion,

    – Place yourself in front of the needle: if you sit more to the left or the right of it, you could very quickly get a stiff neck,

    – place the rheostat under your foot: the heel should not come off the ground. Only the tip of the foot should be in contact with the pedal.

Basic sewing accessories

Owning a sewing machine is not enough: you will need to acquire some basic accessories essential for your needlework:

    – a measuring tape,

    – a speed cutter,

    – a thimble,

    – needles,

    – an iron,

    – a pair of scissors, left or right-handed,

    – pins,

    – chalk or self-erasing markers.

Sewing machine: the good reflexes of the seamstress

Certain gestures should become automatic and will help avoid specific difficulties:

    – hold the fabric with both hands, the left hand near the presser foot to hold the fabric in place and the right hand to guide it

    – do not pull on the fabric in any way: it moves forward on its own, dragged by the claws:

        ◦ if the fabric is heavy or thick, however, you can help it move forward by pushing it rather than pulling it,

        ◦ if the fabric is, on the contrary, too thin, hold it back so that it does not “run” too fast and lead to sloppy stitches.

Knowing how to sew straight on the machine: some tips

The ABCs of Sewing on a Machine

Straight sewing is the basis of all sewing work.

Don’t hesitate to practice on scraps before you start:

    – don’t try to go too fast: speed is rarely synonymous with precision!

    – Use your presser foot or a marker of some kind to sew straight; the presser foot should follow the edge of the fabric for a few millimeters and not shift,

    – The use of a work table or sewing machine stand can be helpful: it will give you stability and flexibility in your work.

Consider marking your work with chalk:

    – fabric chalk or tailor chalk is sold at all haberdashers and specialty stores,

    – You can also use classic blackboard chalk.

Sewing on a machine: read the instructions

Each machine has different settings and options.

Refer regularly to the instruction manual that came with your machine.

If you have purchased a used sewing machine and do not have the manual, type in your Internet search engine the references that refer to it: there is often a copy of the user’s manuals, sometimes in PDF format.

Stay posted! Our subsequent publication will be on how to use your sewing machine properly. In the meantime, don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below.

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