11 Best Strategies To Connect With The DIY Market


The DIY market is not a small segment of the population. Platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, the DIY movement has experienced a renaissance. As people realize that DIY projects can be economically beneficial and fun, more people adopt them as a hobby.
What used to be limited to a small group of craftspeople has now exploded in popularity. Therefore, it is in the best interest of businesses to tap into this burgeoning market as soon as possible.
Here are eleven strategies most effective in establishing a connection with the DIY market.

Put DIY Users Front and Center

Putting DIY users at the forefront gives them more opportunities and leads to higher adoption/conversion. Instead of “selling”, use your service or product to educate and inform these users. Let them be your testers and advocates while showcasing their creativity and influence. Make them the focus and reap the rewards.

Tap Into Their Sense of Self-Sufficiency

Take advantage of DIYers’ sense of self-sufficiency. This crowd is motivated by thrift and creativity, but they’re also driven by the pride you feel when you’ve made something yourself. Provide content and tactics that acknowledge self-sufficiency and reward it with a pat on the back.

Educate, Educate, Educate

Educational content and instructional material should be a big part of any producer or distributor’s marketing strategy. Establish yourself as an authority on the products and services you represent through educational content.

Make Sure Your SEO Is On-Point

Social influencers can be of assistance, but anyone doing any kind of DIY is often looking for information. So, is your SEO in place? Does your content account for keywords that are relevant to your DIY brand? Is your content relevant, up-to-date and informative? Are you actively seeking out your best customers? Optimize before you dive into investing in influencers, or you may not get the full value for your money.

Leverage Social Media Influencers

This growth is also in line with another rise: social media influencers. Get in touch with some of the top DIY influencers in your field and propose a partner sponsorship – for a blog or social campaign, for example. Highlight their project in exchange for your company offering a key tool, system or service and then cross-market the result. Win-win!

Facilitate User-Generated Content

Facilitate user-generated content with practical advice on using your products and make sure your brand is visible in DIY communities on blogs, forums and Facebook. Collaborating with DIY influencers is also a valuable marketing tool to engage with DIY consumers.

Always Include Video Content


The Pinterest survey found that 67% of Pinners are influenced by service and product videos uploaded to the platform. For marketing campaigns targeting Pinterest DIY customers, brands should always include video content in their marketing campaigns. Since 97% of all searches on Pinterest are unbranded, you should use generic keywords when uploading your mobile-friendly video – focusing on matching searcher intent.

Prioritize Discoverability

The best way to target any niche audience is to understand which keywords or topics of conversation are most frequently used. Social listening can assist brands identify high-volume hashtags to use in their posts so they’re easy to find when influencers are looking for new ideas and inspiration.

Join Local DIY Groups on Social Media

Join any local DIY groups on social media and post videos and pictures of your work while commenting on other people’s posts. On Facebook, there are local DIY groups that offer an excellent opportunity to interact with local DIYers.

Inspire With a Roadmap

The growing DIY trend, especially among a younger audience, doesn’t just want to see cool potential projects and ideas; they want to see action. Providing people with easy-to-follow and clear steps on how they, too, can bring a product to life is the best way to capture this market. Keeping your content actionable is a must – the DIY market expects nothing less.

Use YouTube Instead


As an alternative to Pinterest, it is highly recommended to utilize YouTube’s platform to connect with the DIY audience. The comments section is an amazing opportunity to interatc and connect directly with people interested in DIY projects. Posting videos on YouTube is also a great way to help boost your company’s SEO, helping DIYers find you through organic searches.

Let us know in the comment section what your strategies are to connect with the DIY market.

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