9 Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

Some people prefer to set up in early November, while others prefer to postpone this scene as long as possible. Of course, we are talking about the Christmas tree! No matter what type of Christmas tree you choose, making a Christmas tree with your children is always possible.

However, children often need that first push. To help you out, we’ve gathered some of the very best and simplest Christmas crafts.
These Christmas crafts can be made by all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. Most of them are easy to make, but some can be more difficult and require more guidance when it comes to younger children.

1) Crepe Paper Christmas Tree

You can make a Christmas tree out of paper plates, crepe paper, and toilet paper. This Christmas craft can be made as follows:

– Cut the paper plate in half.
– Apply glue to the plate.
– Cut the crepe paper into squares approximately 5 cm x 5 cm.
– Take the center of the crepe paper and glue it to the plate.
– Fold the plate into a cone, leaving one end open, and glue the plate to the open end.
– Now you can decorate the Christmas tree according to your wishes.
– You can use an empty roll of toilet paper as a trunk.

2) Painting a Christmas Tree

This is a very easy Christmas craft that is perfect for little ones! You don’t have to be a crafty mom; anyone can do it! Print out a Christmas tree coloring page. Grab some green paint and start painting! Then, the child can put in their own ideas for the decorations.

3) Fringe Christmas Tree

 First, roll out a cone shape from green paper.
– Then you cut some strips and fold them in half (lengthwise).
– Then cut the fringe into strips.
– Glue the strips around the cone until they reach the top.
– Finally, decorate the Christmas tree

4) Christmas Tree Using Clothes Pegs

Do you have a box of wooden clothes pegs lying around? Then you can make this cute Christmas tree. You simply have to remove the irons from the clothespins and glue the backs together. Simply do this with three clothespins and glue them together. Thus, you will have something that already looks like a Christmas tree. All that remains is to make the craft green and decorate it.

Clothespin Christmas Tree Craft - Our Kid Things

5) Tin Can Christmas Trees

Do your children like building blocks? If so, they will love stacking cans. Reuse old food cans by removing the sharp edges and painting them green. Add ribbons, garland, or other fun details, and a star to complete the look.

6) Glitter Christmas Ornaments

Glitter ornaments are simple to create and add sparkle to your tree. Fill clear plastic ornaments with glitter confetti in a variety of colors. White glitter can be added to make it look like snow is falling.

7) Christmas Tree Ornament Made of Yarn

This Christmas craft for kids is easy to make and turns out great every time. Cut cardboard into triangles and wrap them with green string. To finish, place a snowflake or star on top.

8) Cork Reindeer Ornaments

Use old corks to make new reindeer faces and hang them on the tree. Use glitter pipe cleaners as antlers and pompoms as noses, and the cork will look like Rudolph in no time.

How to Make Adorable Wine Cork Reindeer

9) Fingerprint Light

The best way to work with young children still learning hand-eye coordination is to create an image of a fingerprint light. First, draw a wavy black line on a piece of paper and show them how to make lights using paint and their fingerprints.

Do you have any other Christmas craft ideas? Don’t hesitate to share it with us in the comments below!

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