Top 6 Crafts To Do With Plastic Bottles


Generally, when we have a plastic water bottle, we make two uses of it; first, we drink its content, then we throw it away with the other plastic waste so that it is recycled. Well, not bad, but well, can do better. And yes: a plastic water bottle, whether full or empty, can actually be used to do a whole lot of things that we rarely suspect. We can make sports, decorations, jewels, and much more with plastic bottles.

The only limit we can have is our imagination, because as far as our wallet is concerned, it is certainly not a pack of water that will ruin us! In short, if we want to impress the gallery at a low cost, we go into recovery mode and do not throw away our water bottles. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the crafts you can do with plastic bottles.

1. Exercise!


When you want to build up your biceps or triceps at home by lifting 1.5kg dumbbells, you have two options: either you buy dumbbells in a sports store, or you use dumbbells that you already have at home. It works just as well to build muscle gently, but it costs less! What do you mean? Well, a full plastic water bottle is 1.5L. And 1.5 liters of water weighs 1.5 kilos! So instead of lifting weights, we take a full water bottle in each hand and start our exercises.

2. A beautiful bracelet

When we want to buy jewelry, it’s always the same: the simplest ones are often the most beautiful…but the most expensive! While we always have the impression that we could make them ourselves. What if we went to the practice?

With a slice of plastic water bottle, some mohair to reinforce it, and a nice fabric to cover it, we make ourselves, in two times three movements, a super nice bracelet that we will be the only ones to wear this summer. Practical and aesthetic!

3. Birdhouses


It’s summer, raining hard, the kids are overexcited, and we don’t know what to do with them because we only have paint but no paper. No problem: a plastic water bottle can easily be transformed into a birdhouse, which the children will be delighted to build with us.

To do this, all we need is a water bottle that we will cut in half, shorten and then make a hole in the bottom part, paint and glue the two parts together to make a little hut before hanging it in a tree with a string and two holes in the cap.

4. An improvised vase

It’s summer, and the kids have just picked a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers (on the neighbor’s stoop, actually, oops, too bad) that we want to put on the garden table. Problem: the table in the living room is exposed to the shots of balloons, to the shakes, to the wind…

It would be a pity to break the pretty vase that offered us, mother-in-law, at Christmas (although… in short). The solution: show that you are a pro of the system D! We can either cut a plastic water bottle in two or work a little on the aspect of our vase if we have a little more time…and a computer for a tuto!

5. An emergency broom


The horror: by shaking our good old broom, we have just broken it in two. And we tried to glue the handle to the other part, but nothing made it. No panic; we have a broom if we have tape and plastic bottles. And yes, we will cut many strips in empty plastic water bottles, which we will assemble with tape on our old broom handle. To our great surprise, we will see that we can sweep a floor very well with plastic broom bristles!

6. Pretty flowers

And if to show that we were a pro of recovery, we decorated our plastic vase with pretty flowers… they also realized from plastic water bottles? It’s quite simple: we take bottles’ bottoms and cut out flower shapes in them. So that the petals of our flowers are not too sharp but smooth and rounded, we work them gently with the flame of a lighter. We can also fix our plastic flowers on wires or plastic tubes or place them in candle holders for a guaranteed effect!

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about crafts to do with plastic bottles.

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