Become A Budding Handyman By Getting The Right Tools


Currently, more and more people are starting to do-it-yourself. It is already a passion for some, but for others, it is rather to save money. It will save you money, but it will also give you something to do. Indeed, you are not always going to call a professional for a floor that comes loose, a broken light switch, or replace the bathroom mirror.

It may also make you want to do some minor work to give your bathroom or garden a makeover. Moreover, don’t forget that when you do an activity, whatever it is, it allows you to change your mind and to de-stress. So, get the right tools and try your hand at DIY. You’ll see how much good it will do you.

What tools should you buy to start DIY?

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DIY is not just about fixing broken things in your home. You can also get into it to make garden furniture or toys for your kids. Moreover, you don’t need to spend money to get the materials. You just have to use old objects, boxes, bottles, etc. This way, you will reduce your ecological footprint and throw away less waste and garbage.

But for this, you need to have some DIY tools. They require a small budget but will be very useful for many years. Moreover, if you opt for good-quality tools like those you can find at a professional, they will not break easily. Anyway, you will need:

    • A tape measure will be essential whatever the work you are going to do. Choose one with a length of 3 or 5 meters.
    • A cutter that is very practical for sewing, gardening, etc. There are different models: electric, rotary, classic or circular.
    • A spirit level is a measuring instrument very much used in masonry work. However, you can use it when you install shelves.
    • A hammer, which also comes in different models. However, opt for the nail puller since you will only need it for DIY work.
    • A saw that you could use to cut wood or metal.
    • Wrenches: open-end wrench, pipe wrench, Allen wrench, etc. There is a whole range of them.
    • A screwdriver.
    • To avoid dragging your tools around and losing them, it is best to store them in a box, preferably metal. Large boxes with several compartments are very practical for storing your tools.

The electric screwdriver

It is invaluable if you need to screw repeatedly and tediously, for example, when assembling a piece of kit furniture. An electric screwdriver is equipped with a speed sensor to adapt the force of the screw to the task at hand, and with interchangeable heads, it is cordless for easy handling. It’s best to choose one with a dual battery, so you don’t have to wait for a recharge if you’re doing a long job. You will also find more basic models called “cordless screwdrivers”, less powerful and very practical.

Is there any training to become a handyman?


Not everyone is born with a talent for DIY. If you get used to doing small repairs and odds and ends at home, you can become a good handyman over time. In addition, there are currently DIY courses that allow you to become a real pro at handiwork. However, just because you’re too clumsy doesn’t mean you can’t do DIY.

The training includes basic techniques for carpentry work, mechanics, etc. But you can also learn for free on the internet or by watching artisans’ work. The latter requires a lot of patience and perseverance, but all your efforts will be rewarded. Some DIY stores also offer free DIY classes when they launch new products. They will teach you how to handle them and for which jobs.

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