How To Bring Your Old Furniture Back To Life


Over the years, your furniture wears out and loses its luster. Buying new ones is an investment in itself. To save money, you can give them a makeover. If you don’t know how to do this, read the tips below.

The most common methods

Give your furniture a makeover


Several methods can be used to give your old furniture a new look. If the wood is starting to look worn, simply sand it down or apply a coat of varnish. You can also give your furniture a new look by replacing certain parts. But one of the most used and economical techniques is painting. Indeed, a simple brushstroke is enough to modernize your old furniture and personalize it.

Reuse your furniture

You can reuse your furniture for other purposes. You have a wide range of possibilities to put your creativity to the test. Two chairs can be used as benches for your garden. You can also reuse the wood of an old piece of furniture by transforming it into wall shelves, or an old chest of drawers can be used as a printer’s stand.

On the other hand, if you are not a handyman, you can always donate your old furniture to a humanitarian association. This option is quite advantageous, as it is a responsible approach in addition to de-cluttering your home.

Use wallpaper

Wallpaper is an excellent option to give your old furniture a facelift. Its use is not limited to wall decoration. Moreover, this trendy covering is easy to use and comes in various patterns and colors depending on your favorite decorating style.

Strip and stain your worn furniture

Stripping a piece of furniture is a method that aims to remove as many impurities as possible so that it regains its natural appearance. However, you should know that this technique requires the know-how of a professional, as specific products must be used. There are several types of strippers, but the most common are based on solvents and mineral caustic substances. Regardless of the type of product used, you will get a smooth, non-rough surface in addition to saving time.

After the surface of the furniture is completely stripped, you can stain it to your liking. But first, don’t forget to hide imperfections, such as cracks or small holes. When staining your furniture, use a brush and a lint-free cloth. One application may be enough, but you can add more depending on the result you want to achieve.

Accessorize your furniture


Over time, worn furniture can look basic. But it is possible to add a personal touch by adding accessories. Indeed, there is nothing better than a “homemade” piece of furniture. For example, you can put some pretty original handles on dressers and closets. Stencils are also a great option.

Send your furniture to a recycling center.

Recycling centers or “ressourceries” are on the rise. These places are perfectly recommended if you want to get rid of your old or used furniture. After undergoing different treatment processes, they are transformed into new products or furniture.

The advantages of furniture restoration

A touch of renewal

The renovation and relooking of your used furniture allow you to obtain a new piece of furniture. The advantage of this option is that the look and style of your furniture will always be preserved. Completely revisited, it will give more style to your interior decoration.

Affordable items

By revamping and restoring your old furniture, you can save money. This is because you won’t have to invest in quite an expensive furniture to redecorate. Moreover, you will benefit from exclusive furniture with originality.

Final thoughts


In any case, if you plan to renovate or rearrange your furniture, a specialized company can help you. Sound off in the comments section below, and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about giving a new life to old furniture.

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