The Essential Craftsperson Tools (Part 1)

Craftsperson Tools

The Essential Craftsperson Tools (Part 1)

 You have recently moved into your first apartment or house, and you are discovering the joys of DIY! Unaccustomed to work in general, even small jobs, you are hardly equipped, and having to borrow the tools you need every weekend from neighbors or friends is starting to tire you out.

 It is time to invest in basic and good quality equipment adapted to the tasks you may have to perform at home, regularly, or punctually shortly. Assembling kit furniture, installing shelves, putting up curtain rods or blinds, hanging pictures: things that seem easy to do but require a minimum of appropriate tools.

 No need to panic! We will help you. Here are the 4 essential tools you need to have at home to get started in DIY.

1. The hammer

Craftsperson Tools

 The hammer is often the first tool you buy. The most common models are:

 – the carpenter’s hammer, used to drive nails;

 – the electrician’s hammer, it reaches very narrow places, thanks to the thinness of its head;

 The nail puller has a split head that allows removing the nails by a lever movement.

 Another type of hammer, the mallet, has a wooden, rubber, or plastic head and allows, for example, to hit tiles without breaking them during installation.

 To begin with, it is the carpenter’s hammer that you should choose. Versatile and multi-tasking, it will allow you to perform the greatest number of small jobs. Its selling price can vary from $5 to $50. Don’t hesitate to invest in quality equipment, and you will keep it longer!

 Good to know: for maximum precision in the gesture, a hammer is held firmly by the lower part of the handle.

2. The screwdriver

It screws and unscrews, as its name implies. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, including flat and cruciform.

Its price range spans from $1 to $60. But the best option is to buy a tiny case (less than $50) that has a variety of interchangeable and magnetic screwing bits that you can attach to the end of your tool. This case is both practical and comprehensive, giving you a variety of alternatives depending on the size and form of the screw slot. Another big benefit is the fact that you will save space!

3. The pliers

 This tool is also essential and will serve you very often. You will find pliers adapted to each use:

 – flat nose pliers, with a short or long head, to pull out a nail or hold a nut;

 – Rack and pinion pliers, or multi-grip pliers, to adapt to small or large gaps;

 – cutting pliers, to cut electrical wires or copper wires;

 – bent-nose pliers;

 – the electrician’s pliers, sheathed to protect you from electric current.

 The price range is also very variable, from $3 to $80. To equip your toolbox, start with flat pliers, a pair of pliers, and cutters.

4. The saw

 A complete toolbox should contain at least one hand saw. But you’ll choose it based on what you’re using it for: 

 – the metal saw, which is also used to cut plastics and PVC, thanks to its thin blade;

 – the handsaw, which, with its wide and flexible blade, will be reserved for wood and plaster (for example, to cut a partition);

 – the rigid backsaw will be preferred for precise cuts, made with a miter box.

 The price of a saw varies between $2 and $50. But again, don’t go for the first price if you want to keep your tool for several years and not have the blade break as soon as you use it.

 Good to know: a miter box costs about $20 and allows you to make perfect cuts, thanks to notches in which you will wedge the saw.

 If you have liked this article, then the 2nd part is for you. And, don’t forget to leave us your comments…

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