3 Steps to Drill Wood

3 Steps to Drill Wood

3 Steps to Drill Wood


– Step 1: Prepare your work area

– Step 2: Prepare to drill

– Step 3: Drill the wood

Drilling wood is relatively simple, but it does require some skill. A poorly drilled hole can make it difficult to screw two pieces together. That’s why it’s important that the drilling be done in a straight line. When drilling wood, it is crucial to choose a suitable drill bit. Choose a special wood drill that is well sharpened and will make holes without splintering. Here’s our handy sheet to help you drill wood like a pro.

1. Prepare your work area

3 Steps to Drill Wood


If you have several holes to drill, prepare a convenient work area. Protect the furniture and floor by covering them with used sheets, polyethylene film or tarps. Protect your face with a face mask and your eyes with goggles to avoid dust splashes.

2. Prepare for drilling

3 Steps to Drill Wood

Insert a wood drill bit into the chuck.

Depending on what the hole you are making in the wood will be used for, note that if you want to:

– dowel the wood; the diameter of the drill bit should be precisely equal to or slightly smaller than the diameter of the wood dowel that you will place in the drilled hole.

– screw in the wood, the diameter of the drill bit must be smaller than the screws.

– passing a bolt or rod through the wood, the diameter of the drill bit must be slightly larger than the bolt.

To determine the depth of the hole to be drilled:

– Take the screw you will be screwing into the drilled hole.

– Place the screw next to the drill bit.

– With masking tape, mark the location of the screw head on the drill bit.

– Insert the drill bit into the chuck. To do this

o Unscrew the chuck with the automatic system or a wrench, if the drill has one.

o To insert the drill bit into the chuck, refer to the instructions provided when you purchased the drill.

– Make sure that the drill bit is held correctly in the chuck: there should be no play.

3. Drill the wood

3 Steps to Drill Wood

– Set the drill to minimum speed and drill through the wood to mark the hole.

– Position your drill bit in the center of the mark.

– Start the drill.

– Increase the speed of the drill and drill to the mark previously made on the drill bit.

– Stop the drill.

– Blow the dust out of the drilled hole to dislodge the dust.

– Remove the dust from the floor related to the drilling with a vacuum cleaner.

– Remove polyethylene film, tarps or sheets from the floor and furniture.

Equipment needed for drilling wood

Vacuum cleaner



Safety glasses

Protective mask


Electrical extension cord

Masking tape


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