Top 4 DIY To Try In Your New Home


Have you just bought your home, moved into a new apartment, or are you simply looking to change your home’s decor? You have a long list of choices. Call in a decorating specialist, change your furniture or redo your decor yourself. The latter is the most recommended choice, as it allows you to express your creativity. Discover the 4 DIY ideas of the moment to transform your home into a unique and warm nest.

1. Give your furniture a makeover


When you want to change the decoration of your home, furniture and walls are the first to go. But instead of throwing away old furniture, why not recycle it? Indeed, with a few brush strokes, a little glue, and nails, it is possible to transform an old broken piece of furniture into a real collector’s item.

Regarding the choice of the color with which to paint them, we recommend pastel colors. It is advisable to plane the legs for a better balance for wooden furniture. It is also necessary to remove the layer of varnish that covers them to be able to apply a new coloring.

They are very trendy and bright. If your interior is too small to accommodate all your furniture, you can change its layout and turn an old cupboard into a vegetable cupboard. This way, you will give a second use to a piece of furniture that was destined for the dump.

2. Paint the walls in a DIY way


First of all, you need a good brush, a paint roller, and trendy colors. We advise you to leave the usual color palette of white shades and turn to other more trendy colors. The trick to transforming closed, dimly lit spaces into spacious rooms is to use two shades (one darker than the other) of the same color. The lighter paint should be applied to the walls that face the window, while the darker paint is applied to the wall where the window is located.

Dare to be colorful! Dare to use bright colors like light red and green to match the color of the walls to the furniture. The warmest interiors are also the most colorful. The best DIY paint jobs are the ones that let the creativity of the house’s inhabitants express itself. Involve your friends and family in the renovation work for a unique result.

3. The house plaque


When you think about redecorating your home, you focus on the interior of your home, but the exterior plays an equally important role. The first thing people notice when they walk by your front door is its color, the house number, and your mailbox. These three elements are all ready to be changed to make your home look better.

Start by changing your home’s signage by ordering a custom home sign. What is a house sign? It’s simply an engraved plaque with your house number, a welcome message, or a quote. The original aspect of this outdoor decoration makes it an excellent asset to showcase your creative spirit.

To decorate your entryway, simply order a house plaque online and personalize it according to your taste and the style of your home.

There are several types of house plaques, and they differ from each other only in shape, color, and content. To help you choose the best house plaque for a successful DIY decoration, here is a short guide:

    • The wooden house plaque: is warm and original; it is intended to decorate the entrance of a house with a welcome message or display the number of the house. However, wood is not the best material for exteriors exposed to rain and bad weather.
    • Metal sign: Aluminum or brass is perfect for people looking for an outdoor decoration that lasts time.
    • Plexiglas sign: transparent or colored; the Plexiglas sign is very popular with businesses and companies.

4. Bedroom decor


Photos are a great way to brighten up a bedroom. Hang them on your wall with an aerial garland. To do this, attach your photos to a string with wooden clips. You can replace the string with a copper light garland for even more style. Hang your photo garland on a wall, and you’re done.

Do you like designer nightstands? Simply install two wooden crates on either side of your bed. Remember to varnish them to protect them. The little extra about these crates is that you can use them to store books. You can also put a lamp on them to act as a night light.

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