Top 5 Benefits Of Sewing


Sewing is very relaxing, and it is currently one of my favorite hobbies as it allows me to get my mind off work. It allows me to create and maintain a work/life balance, and this is why I recommend a lot of people to take up sewing or stitching. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog ad learns some of the benefits of sewing.

1. Develop fine motor skills


Children often have difficulty when they need to work precisely with their hands. This is relatively normal when they are young, but their hand coordination can become very difficult if left untreated. This can lead to problems writing, playing, or using tools.

However, when they start sewing, these problems are avoided altogether. Children who practice sewing know how to use their fingers properly, move their hands precisely, and hold and use small objects with ease. Since sewing requires smooth and precise hand movements, it helps them develop their fine motor skills appropriately.

The best part is that you can teach them to hand sew with just a needle, thread, and a piece of fabric. Once you find that your child is very good at hand sewing, don’t be afraid to switch to a machine. Buy a kid-friendly sewing machine and teach them the basics without attaching a needle and thread. Once they get used to the machine, mount the needle and thread and let them sew.

2. Keeps your fingers supple

It is logical that our hands become stronger when we use our fingers in some way. Studies have shown that people who suffer from arthritis also find sewing beneficial because the repetitive motions soften the joints over time. Regular exercise keeps the muscles around affected joints strong, reduces bone loss, and can help control joint swelling and pain. Regular exercise restores lubrication to joint cartilage and reduces stiffness and pain. Regular use of our fingers also increases our dexterity.

3. Helps the immune system


When we are happier, and our bodies have more energy, we also feel much stronger overall. This can contribute to a stronger immune system, which helps us fight off diseases and viruses. Scientific evidence suggests that being happy can have great health benefits. For example, being happy promotes a healthy lifestyle.

It can also help fight stress, boost the immune system, protect the heart and relieve pain. More than that, it can even increase life expectancy. So sewing can actually make us healthier- by preventing us from getting sick in the first place.

4. Improves hand-eye coordination

Hand-eye coordination is important not only for our cognitive development but also for our physical well-being. Since sewing requires cutting along straight and curved lines and controlling the fabric while working with the machine, it inevitably improves your spatial awareness.

Also, when you sew something by hand, you have to focus even more on your work because you now know where to place the needle, and your hands have to work together to move the needle through the fabric. The more you sew, the more your hand-eye coordination can improve.

5. Fights dementia


Because sewing improves our dexterity and concentration, and we often learn new techniques or solutions to problems in the process, evidence suggests that people who sew are much less likely to suffer from dementia and age-related brain deterioration.

After all, the brain is an organ like any other. If you don’t use it often and challenge it (by exercising it with new or different things), it naturally atrophies. Sewing provides the perfect opportunity to give our brains a little workout. Between math and project organization, this hobby can easily become our lifeline.

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