Top 5 Things To Do With Paper


Paper is used and abused on a daily basis and has always been. And it took us a long time before we became aware of the dramas that this overconsumption was causing. As a society, we need to get it together and start taking care of our planet, and one way to do this is to lessen our use of paper and recycle old ones.

But because it’s better late than never and because many individuals and brands want to make a difference by recycling paper, we decided to bring you some ideas so that you, too, from your home and without pressure, can play a role in recycling paper. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our tips for recycling old and unused paper.

How to recycle newsprint?


The first tip is for household chores. When it is difficult to clean the windows of the house, it is possible to use newspaper. Simply crumple it up and dampen it a little, then apply it like a cloth to scrub a window or mirror. The result is impeccable. Plus, it saves on detergents. Newspaper can also be used to clean various surfaces, such as a barbecue grill or a tiled work surface.

Newspaper can also be used as a bottom for trash cans. This way, it absorbs the moisture that organic waste often produces. In other cases, it can even be used as a garbage bag. To do this, simply fold it into a large cone shape.

The newspaper also helps protect the refrigerator from bad odors. The idea is to spread the sheets at the bottom of the crispers so that the food doesn’t leave an odor. To avoid the smell of fish or meat, it is advisable to wrap the food in newspaper. This wrapping method is also effective for quickly ripening fruits or vegetables.

1. Create an origami lamp

Paper can be used to cover lamps and light bulbs in an original way. To do this, you’ll need a ruler, a pencil, sheets of paper that aren’t too thin, cardboard, string, scissors, glue, and something to perforate the sheets. You can then let your imagination run wild.

It is also possible to glue or roll up pages of the newspaper (or paper scraps) on a lampshade to give it a modern and original look. Perfect when you want to redecorate your home in an eco-responsible way without buying new objects. In any case, be careful not to glue the paper directly to the light fixture to avoid any risk.

2. Use newspapers as trivets


Newspapers, scissors, and glue are all you need to make sturdy, original, and eco-friendly trivets. Once the pages are cut into four strips (it can be a newspaper, magazine, or old comic book …), you must roll each strip on itself to obtain a spiral. Then, glue them side by side, depending on the size of the coaster desired (for glass, plate, dish).

3. Make gift wrap out of it

Birthdays and holidays often rhyme with wrapping and paper. But instead of investing in paper that will be torn and thrown away, you might as well turn to eco-responsible packaging. Newspapers or sheets printed on one side only can be used to create eco-friendly packaging without having to invest in single-use paper.

4. Use it as an envelope


Sheets of paper, newspaper, or magazine pages can also be used to send mail. If you run out of small envelopes or want to replace them altogether, you can fold an A4 size paper and insert a letter inside. The magazine of creative and ecological ideas gives examples of creations.

5. Making a bracelet (to do with children)

For fancy jewelry made from recycled materials, pages of magazines, newspapers, or printed sheets do the trick. Add glue, scissors, and the cardboard from a paper towel roll to cut. The size is made according to the width of the desired bracelet. Then you have to cut the cardboard to create an opening space to put it on the wrist.

Once done, previously cut paper strips can be glued on. Halloween being at the end of the month, these bracelets will be ideal to accompany costumes or any other occasion. This is one of those crafts that are perfect for doing with your kids or even younger siblings and is an ideal way to teach them about the importance of recycling.

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